Take control of your API keys

Reduce costs, improve DevOps and Security. Subkeys give you a single place to create, control and monitor all your API keys.
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Become the keymaker

Split 3rd party API keys into many subkeys with rate limiting and other restrictions built right into the subkeys and controlled by you.

Gain full API visibility

Assign subkeys to specific users, agents, or apps for visibility and attribution; get alerted before something goes really wrong.
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Subkeys is the solution that grants API consumers control and visibility of APIs.

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API Overages are costly and difficult to prevent. Sharing keys compounds the difficulty of identifying the source of overages. Subkeys prevent overages by incorporating granular control and visibility with alerts as thresholds are approached.

Turn DevOps into Dev Opps

Subkeys create more opportunities for developers to build and explore without affecting operations. Everyone can have access to the right resources with the appropriate privileges.


See what's going on, cure compliance woes, make IT happy. Subkeys reduce risk of API key leakage, simplify audit & compliance reporting and identify abnormal behavior across all APIs from one single interface.

What people are saying

"A coding bug led to over $100k in API overage fees over two months. Subkeys offer a safeguard against such costly errors."
Web3 Data Engineer
"Our developers were unaware of the financial impact of AI API calls on our company. With subkeys, overspending concerns are a thing of the past. We can share subkeys with multiple users and applications while protecting our main key."
Infrastructure lead
"We were apprehensive about revoking an API key due to potential impacts on critical applications. With subkeys, we could have saved six months of application analysis."
Large US exchange
"Subkeys enable us to conduct digital asset investigations while maintaining anonymity to the API provider."
Digital Asset Analytics Firm